4th of July – Independence Day of the USA

Today, July 4, the national holiday celebrated on Independence Day of the United States (Independence Day or The Fourth of July).

It is one of the most awaited parties for American citizens, who enlist long in advance to celebrate the day of independence and freedom.

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American families leave aside daily activities to spend a moment of fun, doing many outdoor recreational activities, as well as a different dinner.

In the spring of 1775, the 13 American colonies sent representatives to the first Continental Congress held in Philadelphia. After much debate about cutting ties with Britain, the representatives voted unanimously for independence on July 2, 1776.

Two days after his important vote, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence and sent copies to the entire country. The declaration was dated July 4, Now on Independence Day of USA 2018 242nd Independence day of USA will be celebrated which the new nation adopted as Independence Day. It was quickly characterized by parades, concerts, meals and fireworks.

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No American stops seeing the wonderful patriotic parades that the country offers, accompanied by spectacular compasses almost all afternoon. And the most desired moment concludes with the classic bursts of bright and colorful fireworks that fill the American sky.

The Declaration of Independence of the United States, read solemnly in Philadelphia, is still today one of the most innovative and transcendent texts in contemporary history. In it were proclaimed two basic principles that later collected the great texts on fundamental rights: “freedom and equality “.