The 6 myths about business coaching and reality

“Business coaching is a waste of money. I already know what’s wrong with my company. I have no time to lose. ”

Entrepreneurs have a lot of preconceived ideas about business coaching. However, according to David Lockwood, Business Coach at at Unlocking Your Future, if these prejudices prevent you from using an effective business coach, you miss a great opportunity to improve your skills and the performance of your business.

“Business coaching is management training specifically designed for entrepreneurs and tailored to their unique situation,” says David. It helps you make better decisions and become a better leader. ”

Here are the most common myths about business coaching and reality.

Myth o 1

“Coaching is expensive and I need to save money.”

Reality? A healthy, well-managed business saves money and improves profitability.

“Coaching allows you to learn how to identify inefficiencies in your business and eliminate them so you can achieve greater savings in the long run,” says David, who has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs. If you do not fix these problems, they are eating away at your profits day after day. ”

Myth o 2

“I do not have the time, I have a business to operate.”

Most contractors spend their time dealing with problems and dealing with emergencies. By neglecting to tackle the main challenges you face, you accept that your problems may be repeated and they are likely to get worse.

“A business coach can help you identify and eliminate the root causes of your problems to end this vicious circle,” says David. I organize my clients’ schedules to make the most progress possible within a realistic time frame – usually only two to three hours a week. ”

Myth o 3

“I already know what’s wrong with my company.”

Visible difficulties are usually the symptoms of larger problems that only a thorough assessment can detect.

Do not waste your money dealing with symptoms that will show up again if the root cause is not resolved, says David. Visit business coach website https://unlockingyourfuture.com.au/services/melbourne-business-coach/  all of business coaches relies on an overview of your business to find the underlying cause of problems, and then coaches you to find ways to fix them.

Myth o 4

“Coaching will not change anything in my business.”

In order for things to change in a business, you need to be convinced of the merits of the changes and know how to implement them. A good business coach can help you better understand your business and learn the skills that will make you a better leader . This will allow you to make the changes that will have a positive impact on your performance.

“Coaching helps entrepreneurs get insurance,” says David. At the end of the day, you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business and know how to make it better. ”

Myth o 5

“I do not need another counselor. I need to solve my problems. “

See coaching as a learning experience. The goal is to transfer you and your management team knowledge and know-how.

“The goal of business coaching is to teach you how to fish, not to fish for you,” says David. Your coach gives you the knowledge and skills you need to solve problems on your own. ”

Myth o 6

“My accountant and my lawyer give me advice. Why should I pay someone else? “

Accountants and lawyers are valuable advisers. However, an experienced business coach looks at your business as a whole to determine the cause of the difficulties you face and to help you solve them. Your problems may be strategic or operational, or HR-related, so you probably need more expertise.

“A good business coach does not just offer advice,” concludes David. It provides you with a systematic method and tools to help you solve your fundamental problems with confidence. ”

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