How To Add A Touch Of Style To Your Home

Learn to transform the spaces with the advice of a decoration stylist and convert textiles, flowers and ornaments in your allies to make environments beautiful, harmonious and full of life.

In decoration, as in life, small things and details have great importance, despite their size, insignificant, sometimes. In this issue, we claim its leading role in our homes, its trans formative capacity and its power to give life, where there is none, or create balance, where disorder reigns.

Dear Decorative Secondary’s

A magazine house. This is what you always want to achieve, but you do not know how. Sometimes it is a question of spectacular houses in its architecture and with an impeccable interior design, but others are houses with ‘charme’, with own style. That style is the one that differentiates them and makes them unique. As they are magazine houses, we have asked a decoration stylist to make us a fairy godmother and teach us her magic tricks. The stylist Paloma Pacheco Turnes , lover of decoration with capital letters and collaborator in many media of the sector, gives us those points to transform Cinderella into a true princess. “I always explain it to my students. The work of styling is to create an aesthetic harmony around a stage. It’s about transforming with the things that you get in a car: cushions, bedding, curtains, lamps, soaps, vases, flowers …

Ephemeral decoration

Passenger and seasonal, but also essential when it comes to style and provide a sense of home, creating homes decoration where you want to stay and share. The secondary ones allow us to brighten a sad and anodyne space; provide visual ‘cleaning’ to a recharged and suffocating space; create a feeling of freshness in the face of summer or warmth in winter. “The decoration changes the space permanently or for a long period of time, but with the stylistic details we transform, above all, the heart. If there is no life, however beautiful the space may be, it will not tell you anything, you will not feel with it, “says Paloma.

Cushions, curtains, bedding, carpets … Textiles are undoubtedly those elements that help you to endow your spaces with ‘soul’ . Its power is immense, you just have to see how a normal sofa, with a discreet design, can give a lot of play simply by putting on it, not one but many cushions. In the same way, a beautiful bedroom can become spectacular if the curtains swing with the wind, letting in the light; or the fabrics of the bedspread or the colors of the pillows are a clear invitation to rest and offer the living image of relaxation and good taste.

Brushstrokes of color and warmth

Plants, flowers, vases, photos, paintings, candles … These are the touches that help give style, warmth or light to the rooms. A center of tulips in a corner or on a small table transmits freshness and positive energy, regardless of the aesthetic beauty it produces. In the same way, an adornment in a striking tone brings a touch of color and life; or a work of art endows with sensitivity and personality.

House Stylize GALLERY

“That’s why they like the houses that are published so much, because they have, in addition to aesthetic beauty, sentimental beauty. Loans attention, because all these details are able, even, to make you want to be more at home because you feel more comfortable and comfortable in it, “concludes Palomar.