What Air Fryer Should You Buy?

We’ll help you choose the best value air fryer on the market today.

For those of us who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, fried foods may not appear on our list of healthy treats to have. But if you’re trying to eat healthier and exercise, there’s an alternative to deep fried foods that you may not have heard of before: meals that are prepared using… an air fryer.

An air fryer is a multi-purpose device that can be used to cook, roast, grill, bake and fry – all in a healthy and low-calorie manner. With an air fryer, the food is cooked with hot circulating air instead of being saturated in oils or fats. This means that, within minutes, you can have foods that are crispy and crunchy, cooked to delicious perfection, without losing any of their natural flavour. Extra bonus: your meals will be low in fat and calories!

Air fryer

You can use your air fryer to make a wide variety of delicious foods. Everything from snacks and supplements, to breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts can all be easily made with these devices. Even exotic restaurant-grade specialty items such as zucchini fries, garlic prawns and steak, as well as walnut bread or triple chocolate brownies can easily be prepared in an air fryer.

To sum up, the air fryer is a simple and efficient way to enjoy your favorite foods, so buying one for your kitchen is a great idea!

A look at air fryers

Air fryers are an invaluable device for today’s modern kitchen. These gadgets are an ideal solution for people who are looking to balance out their need to eat more healthily with the freedom to enjoy their favorites foods. Not only will an air fryer allow you to quickly and easily prepare your favorites meals, it’s also a good way to cut back on fat and grease without sacrificing any of the flavor. With such good results, you may find that you’re able to cut back on take-out or restaurant foods as well, without feeling like you’re missing out!

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As we’ll see, though, not all air fryers are created equal. These devices vary considerably across the board in terms of features, options, ease of use, durability and quality. Let’s explore some of the most popular air fryers that are available on the market today and see how they compare.

  1. Philips Airfryer XL HD9240/90 with 1500W

The Philips Airfryer XL HD9240/90 features heat circulation technology that works in conjunction with a top grill to guarantee uniform cooking and browning. The pull-out air fryer basket makes it easy to put food in and out of the fryer. The oil pan, frying basket and inside of the fryer all have a nonstick coating for easy cleanup. This fryer includes an air fryer basket and deluxe recipe booklet.

  1. 1800W Maxkon 7L Oil Free Digital XL Air Fryer Turbo Cooker Oven

The 1800W Maxkon 7L Oil Free Digital XL Air Fryer Turbo Cooker Oven is the perfect size for a family of four. From breakfast to lunch, dinner and dessert – this device has you covered. The 60-minute timer has an auto-off function, meaning that you won’t have to fear the sudden burning smell of a meal left unattended. It also includes pre-set times and temperatures for various kinds of cooking – plus, you can adjust the temperature anywhere from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius.

  1. Multi Function Air Fryer Turbo Convection Oven Cooker

Air fryer

The multi function air fryer turbo convection oven cooker features a stylish, ultra-modern exterior, with a number of features inside as well. This appliance comes with 8 program settings and 14 cooking modes. The LED display makes it easy to adjust the temperature and cook time. The anti-slip base helps to keep it secure on the counter.

  1. Healthy Fry Air Fryer powered by Optimum

The healthy fry air fryers powered by Optimum allows you to fry, grill, roast or bake a variety of dishes with the unique Rapid Air Technology – an innovation that seals in the natural juices from the food, allowing you to use less oil to get that gorgeous fried food taste without all of the added calories. Fast and efficient, the Healthy Fry Air Fryer heats food from all sides providing even heat distribution and more efficient cooking. Your meals will be done faster and will have an enhanced taste, while saving you time and energy without compromising quality. Finally, this device is safer than using a conventional deep fryer – allowing food to be air fried evenly and at a lower temperature.With so many different air fryers available, it’s important to ensure that you choose an option that would fit you and your family’s needs best. Of course, you will want to balance your budget with the features and options that you would like to have, but at the same time, you will want to look for warranty information – in case you run into trouble with the device, a good warranty could prove to be invaluable. Moreover, you will also want to have a look at online reviews, to see what actual buyers are saying about their experience with the appliance.

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Based on this comparison, our recommendation is that you purchase the Healthy Fry Air Fryer powered by Optimum. The brand Optimum has been a global leader for many years in offering high-speed domestic and commercial kitchen appliances. Quality and attention to detail is something they care about and they’ve spent years researching and improving their products in this regard.Currently, the Healthy Fry Air Fryer powered by Optimum is the lowest priced option with an introductory price of $229. The Philips comes in at $449 and the Maxkon at $299. If you can’t take advantage of the promotional introductory price of the Optimum brand, you’ll have to purchase it at its regular price of $500.

Moreover, the Healthy Fry Air Fryer powered by Optimum is one of the few air fryers on the market available with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is also one of the few to weigh only 5 kilos (5.45 to be more speciffic), meaning the appliance is more portable – you can even take it with you on holiday, to make sure you can savor your favorites French fries in a healthy, convenient way.