Business Coaching or How to Motivate your Workers

Business Coaching or How to Motivate your Workers

What is business coaching?

Surely you’ve heard the term “business coaching” hundreds of times but do you really know what it is? According to the ICF (International Coach Federation), coaching is “a process of reflective and creative accompaniment with clients that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.

Business Coaching or How to Motivate your Workers

The word “coaching” comes from “coach” , a term that is widely used in sports to refer to the personal trainer of a team. Taking into account this definition, the coach in a company would be something like the person responsible for training a team of workers so that they achieve the objectives in the most efficient way possible and using the available resources and their personal skills. For this reason, training based on motivation , self-confidence and the reduction of emotional stress is very important .

Labor and time flexibility, family reconciliation measures or work incentives are some of the conditions that favor creating an optimal work environment in which employees feel comfortable.

The importance of work motivation
More and more companies have a coach in their team because they are aware of the importance of work motivation when it comes to achieving the objectives set. Put simply, a motivated worker is a happy worker and this has a considerable improvement in productivity. And we do not say it, but a study conducted by Harvard Business that ensures that companies with happy workers have 37% more sales .

The company Google was perhaps one of the first to realize this fact and it is not surprising that it is valued as the best company in the world to work. The Internet search giant offers its employees all kinds of amenities such as rest areas with games and hammocks so that workers can relax, as well as a gym, swimming pool or free food. Who would not want to work here?

However, in our country, productivity levels remain low compared to other European countries. The majority of professionals assure that this fact is due in part to the type of hiring and salaries. For this reason the work of the coach is essential, to get the working conditions improve and that the worker feels comfortable doing something that motivates him personally and professionally.

Work motivation courses
If you want to know how to motivate your employees, you may be interested in our course on Emotional Intelligence in the company and quality management . With this free online course you will learn different techniques that improve the emotional intelligence of the new leaders and the management of qualities. The contents taught include the brain map of the emotions, the emotional competences, the keys of the emotional intelligence applied in the company, the qualities of the new leaders and how to develop them, the personal selection for qualities and the implementation of the intelligence coaching emotional.

As you can see, job motivation or Best Business Coach Melbourne Australia is essential for a company to obtain the best results in terms of productivity. But the most important thing is to take care of the human capital , since it is the motor that moves all the gear. Remember, a motivated worker is a happy worker and therefore more productive.