Difference between sun, lunar and ascending

Difference between sun, lunar and ascending

Astrology is a complicated field, yet there are many people who believe in it and many more who do not. For those who not only believe in it, but also are faithful followers it is very important to know certain concepts that are handled in that area; but also the curious and others interested in the Atrology should take a look at what they mean and represent things like the sun sign, the lunar sign and the ascendant.

Difference between sun, lunar and ascending

If you have no idea what those three things are, then read on to find out the differencebetween all of them.

Solar sign

It refers to the sign in which the sun was at the moment of our birth. For example, if at the time of birth the sun was in the sign of scorpio; in the personality of the individual will be reflected characteristics of the sign mentioned above.

Why? because the sun sign represents our inner self. According to astrologers, the solar sign determines our most real and deep features and feelings.

The sun sign collects our true desires and behavior. It has a determining impact on our life (according to astrologers).

Lunar sign

On the other hand, the lunar sign is similar to the solar sign; but instead of taking into account the position of the sun, that of the moon is taken into account.

For astrologers, this sign has to do with emotions and sensitivity; how we express what we feel is determined by our lunar sign.

For example, someone whose lunar sign is in cancer is predisposed to be very sensitive and deeply in love.


Humans are not always as we show. Earlier we explained that the sun sign is what we are, but in this case the ascendant is what we appear to be.

The ascendant, contrary to the sun sign, has to do with our external reality. It is the way in which others perceive us. It is the mask we use when interacting with other people.