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All points for nationalism. But tech companies are no longer called things like “HostGator”. And that stupid blue and yellow mascot? Alligators should be wild, not tender. Why is he standing like this? Why is it blue?Everything is so cute for me. I like the fact that my tech companies have a name like “Optima” and that they use only creamy tones of good taste. The HostGator brand seems to be stuck in 2005 and thinks AskJeeves is great.
This is the percentage of time during which a web server is “high”. As in, the moment your servers are turned on and provides websites hostgator coupon code to your customers. How long is your website available? I got it?

A good web hosting provider will have an activity time of over 98%. A worse will offer less than 97%. When it comes to web hosting, even a difference of .1 can make a big difference in the amount of sales generated through your website. People hate that websites are not available, and if your site is offline when they visit them for the first time, they will not come back.

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You can see above that the HostGator score is good enough in this regard. These are indeed some of the best availability statistics I’ve found recently and show that HostGator has joined them when it comes to maintaining their servers.

In fact, apart from its silly brand, Host Gator is a very good web server. They are fast, reliable and their price is super competitive, at least for the Australian market. Better yet, they do not use the usual trick of Australian Internet servers: charge more for things (like SSL) that should be free in 2017. Like all our reviews, this will be mostly based on numbers. Maybe that sounds boring, but I promise you that viewing data is by far the best way to evaluate web servers. If I base this criticism solely on the HostGator logo, they will not work very well.

Take a look at the availability, speed and reliability of HostGator. For those of you who simply can not wait for the juicy figures, the conclusion of this section is that HostGator is pretty good.
Then we will pay even more, but this time to see the prices of HostGator. Spolier: This is one of the best in Australia right now.
In the end, I will compare HostGator with the web servers we use here in Aussie hosting (mainly SiteGround), and we’ll see if it meets the requirements.

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Uh, well … we know a lot about web hosting. At Aussie Hosting, we have been working with web servers for nearly 10 years to collect data on this topic. At the time, we created what we like to consider as the best (certainly the largest) database for tracking downtime and downtime on Web servers in Australia. You might think it’s odd to be proud of it (my database is bigger than yours!), But we are. Currently, we have connected 418 sites of our customers to a custom system hostgator 1 cent coupon that evaluates the performance of your web server. Web servers hate us, and we’ve seen creative ways to avoid it, but we’ve still collected a lot of information about a large number of hosts.

For this review, I just had to look at the database. We base all our comments on these data. So, if you want to see really impressive statistics, take a look at the comments of VentraIP and Digital Pacific. These children suck.