How to choose your business lawyer

The lawyer is involved in many areas and in very different situations: family life, corporate law, labor law … He can just advise you or take legal action. Here’s how to choose it to be well defended.

Identify precisely your need

You can use a lawyer to advise you in a specific area of law (drafting a company’s articles of association or a contract) or to defend you in court proceedings (divorce or litigation with a professional).

Generalist or specialist?

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As for doctors, there are generalists and specialists. The former can, in principle, take care of all the files. But, in fact, they have, over time, often turned their attention to particular areas of law, without necessarily holding a certificate of specialization (GPs often deal with cases relating to family law, work, real estate …)., on the other hand, have officially validated their specific skills by a certificate.

You can as well address a generalist as a specialist, the whole thing being to verify that it has sufficient knowledge in the field which interests you: a simple telephone call is enough for that. A conscientious lawyer is not supposed to take a case in an area that he does not master, especially if it is complex. However, for thorny and very specific problems (patent law, company statutes, town planning law, tax law …), contacting a specialized lawyer will give you the assurance that the professional has all the required skills.

For simple and classic cases (divorce by mutual consent, contestation of rental leave, return of security deposit, late delivery of goods …) you can either call a specialist or a GP.

Do not choose your lawyer randomly

Choosing a lawyer near you is the most common solution. It is indeed more practical, if you use him for a consulting mission (drafting of contract, legal consultation …) or for a procedure taking place near your place of residence, because that will facilitate your meetings and your trades. On the other hand, if your case is judged far from home, it may be better to take a lawyer on the spot. In fact, the lawyers depend on a bar and each bar is attached to a tribunal de grande instance (TGI). A lawyer can defend you everywhere in France, but in another TGI, he has, with exception, need to resort to a “postulant” (that is to say a colleague of the bar attached to this court), to perform the procedural documents. This entails an additional cost.

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Example: you live in Marseille and your trial takes place in Paris. Either you take a lawyer in Marseilles who will plead the case for you, but will have recourse to a Parisian lawyer for the pleadings; or you take directly a Parisian lawyer. This last option can be more interesting, if your business is simple and you can follow it remotely after a first appointment. thai lottery numbers are available here.

How to find it?

Word of mouth is an effective way to select a lawyer. Indeed, if it is recommended to you, it is because it gave satisfaction to one of your acquaintances or that this one knows it personally. On the other hand, avoid being defended by a member of your family or a friend, because your reports will be more complicated and the risks of quarrel exist …

If nobody in your entourage (friends, family, notary) could give you the details of a lawyer, you can consult a list of professionals with the Bar closest to your home (which, moreover, often has a website offering a directory with a search engine specialization), but also to the district court of your city, or possibly in your town hall. You can also use the phone book and the internet.

Know that free consultations can be organized in courthouses, town halls, houses of justice and law or in trade shows. It is a good way to have a first contact or to be directed to the specialist you need.

Be attentive during the first contact

The first appointment with your future lawyer is very important: it is not enough that he has the required knowledge and that he is near you! It is essential that a relationship of trust be established between you. Moreover, if you appeal to him in the context of a trial, know that the case can last a long time and concern your private life (especially in case of divorce).

Attention: during the first interview, be particularly attentive to the following points: does the lawyer listen to you? Are you asking questions? Does it express itself in an accessible language? Does it seem available to you? Does it seem competent to you?

If the contact is not good, do not hesitate to consult another professional: it is better to pay two first consultations than to change the lawyer during the procedure. This is usually more expensive than not following up after an interview. When making this contact, it is important that you expose, as clearly as possible, the situation that brings you. It is also important, even if it is not essential, to bring all the elements that concern the case, if you have any. Do not leave any original documents. Plan photocopies in case you finally decide not to leave the case to this lawyer.

Namely:  at the end of this first appointment, the lawyer will probably ask you a provision, that is to say an advance on his fees. If you are not sure if you want to give him your file, tell him that you want to think about it and that you will contact him later. It will then charge you only this first consultation. Know that there is no scale for lawyers’ fees, so their amounts can be very variable.

real estate

Buy Criteria of a Beginning Real Estate Investor

Concentrating on property includes alone is a fast path to the grave of your land vocation. I believe this is a fairly easy concept to grasp, but it does indeed arise, so I wished to share could feel about what variables a real estate investor should give attention to to make solid buying decisions. Faults are made constantly by investors paying too much for a piece of real estate, but My spouse and i would gamble there are even more mistakes made when it comes not to buying a property they should. This saying is, “the only estate discounts I regretted are the ones I didn’t do. ” I am not sure I totally concur, but I understand the concept.

In case you limit your conditions to property features, you will miss away on fantastic buying opportunities.

When I go to networking events, I often hear investors ask the other person of the investment criteria. My spouse and i cringe when I listen to something like, “I was looking for 3 bed frames, 2 baths that will rent for $1, 500 a month. ” Merely get an answer like that Let me likely respond with, “What is wrong with something that is merely 2 bedrooms that will rent for $1, 500? ” The standard response is a look of confusion or no response by any means. Obviously there is far more to it than the bedrooms and bathing rooms and your price. What about location, HOAs fees, or deferred maintenance? What about the investor’s risk tolerance, potential for gratitude or potential to redevelop in the future?

While searching for deals, there are two-points you might want to consider.


If you give attention to property features you might miss a community that produces the financial outcome you are striving for. I would much rather hear an entrepreneur describe their conditions as an excellent return on investment, price to property value, or even a value play in a certain area. This is the standards that give attention to the financial records. If you want to know how we can prevent from lose in real estate investment visit . An art as an entrepreneur should be to do well at coming up with a value (that could be based on resell value, cash circulation, or other potential) and then deciding what you are willing to pay money for that value. A fix and flip is a great example and is not hard to analyze simply because there are incredibly few factors. Rentals can be a lttle bit more difficult because factors like; location, potential professional tenants, future vacancies, maintenance, future price changes, your brief term and permanent funding, management, and rent portions all play a role in your decision. Right now there are risks using real estate deals, so that you will want to understand those as you work towards the price you are willing to pay.


This is not always necessary, in most cases you will want to conform to the area. If you are buying a property in a building packed with 2 bedroom condos, then buying a 2 bedroom property tends to make since. If you are only considering buying 3 bedrooms, nevertheless, you are looking in a 2 bedroom community, you will severely limit opportunities. Most of the time bedrooms add little to no sell value, but that is not always true. A big opportunity exists if you can find a 1 or 2 bedroom house in a 3 bedroom neighborhood. By switching the house with fewer bedrooms to adapt the area, you should see a huge upside. You should also see upsides when adding bedrooms to leasing property, because it should increase cash flow. Most of these opportunities could be missed if you are not open to looking at them. A strategy that I see some investors successfully put into action is to first understand a certain neighborhood and get comfortable with the values and then search for discounted properties in that neighborhood. In this case, you’re going to be searching for price to value not property features.

With all this said, a home that does not conform to the area could still be a good investment. Remember, all real property has value and all real estate is an excellent buy for the right price.

baby and kids equipment

Essential Equipment To buy For A Baby

Baby has already grown well inside you? His coming is planned for the coming weeks? It is therefore wise to check if you have everything necessary before arrival.

Essential Baby Equipment

Indeed, you cannot wait to receive certain objects or accessories as gifts. They must be ready by the time you come back from the maternity with your toddler. It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between what is really useful and what can be put on the birth list. This worries you? Do not panic! The Baby Madness team reviews everything you need.

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List of items needed to care for baby

Find below all the essential baby equipment to take care of your baby from birth.

Material and accessories reserved for mom

Nursing pillow. Despite what the name says, it is a multipurpose accessory. Nursing pillow will keep baby in a comfortable position and not just when it will be time to eat. It can also stall your back and you avoid a lot of pain.

Breastfeeding compresses. To be added in the bag for the maternity, in case of unforeseen milk pours.

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Nursing bra. It has an opening that will allow you to feed baby with ease.

Baby feeding utensils

Bottles whether you are breastfeeding or not, they are to be expected. You will not be able to be with baby every moment.

  • A bottle brush to clean
  • A sterilizer
  • A bottle warmer
  • Several small bibs to avoid staining clothes.

Nightwear for the child

Cradle. For the baby’s sleep during his first months of life, it’s a must.

Nacelle or maxi-cosi. The child will be properly kept out of his room. In addition, these small transportable beds are attached in the car or on a stroller.

Sleeping bag. This is a much better solution than blankets and sheets. Be sure to cover your arms and legs, even in the summer.

Mattress cover. Opt for a honeycomb model, which will circulate the air. They are more hygienic and will prevent baby from choking.

To help secure and improve infant sleep, do not rush into a baby block. Wait to see how the child’s nights unfold in order to adopt a suitable solution. Many possibilities exist.

Equipment to take baby everywhere

Car seat group 0. They keep the child properly back to the road, keeping the fragile areas (head, neck) safe until his 18 months.

Stroller. Many models exist. Pay attention to certain details before choosing.

Folding. Choose your stroller according to the place you have to store it at home and / or in your car.

Wheels adapted to your environment. If you plan to take a regular walk in the country, prefer off-road tires.

Accessories for the care and the toilet of the child

Bathtub or other. To wash your infant, no special recommendations, different options available to you. The main thing is to choose a device adapted to your room and the size of the infant.

Changing table, bathroom furniture, etc. Here again, you have the choice. The goal will be to get the child out of the water in a single gesture, as short as possible.


The 6 myths about business coaching and reality

“Business coaching is a waste of money. I already know what’s wrong with my company. I have no time to lose. ”

Entrepreneurs have a lot of preconceived ideas about business coaching. However, according to David Lockwood, Business Coach at at Unlocking Your Future, if these prejudices prevent you from using an effective business coach, you miss a great opportunity to improve your skills and the performance of your business.

“Business coaching is management training specifically designed for entrepreneurs and tailored to their unique situation,” says David. It helps you make better decisions and become a better leader. ”

Here are the most common myths about business coaching and reality.

Myth o 1

“Coaching is expensive and I need to save money.”

Reality? A healthy, well-managed business saves money and improves profitability.

“Coaching allows you to learn how to identify inefficiencies in your business and eliminate them so you can achieve greater savings in the long run,” says David, who has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs. If you do not fix these problems, they are eating away at your profits day after day. ”

Myth o 2

“I do not have the time, I have a business to operate.”

Most contractors spend their time dealing with problems and dealing with emergencies. By neglecting to tackle the main challenges you face, you accept that your problems may be repeated and they are likely to get worse.

“A business coach can help you identify and eliminate the root causes of your problems to end this vicious circle,” says David. I organize my clients’ schedules to make the most progress possible within a realistic time frame – usually only two to three hours a week. ”

Myth o 3

“I already know what’s wrong with my company.”

Visible difficulties are usually the symptoms of larger problems that only a thorough assessment can detect.

Do not waste your money dealing with symptoms that will show up again if the root cause is not resolved, says David. Visit business coach website  all of business coaches relies on an overview of your business to find the underlying cause of problems, and then coaches you to find ways to fix them.

Myth o 4

“Coaching will not change anything in my business.”

In order for things to change in a business, you need to be convinced of the merits of the changes and know how to implement them. A good business coach can help you better understand your business and learn the skills that will make you a better leader . This will allow you to make the changes that will have a positive impact on your performance.

“Coaching helps entrepreneurs get insurance,” says David. At the end of the day, you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business and know how to make it better. ”

Myth o 5

“I do not need another counselor. I need to solve my problems. “

See coaching as a learning experience. The goal is to transfer you and your management team knowledge and know-how.

“The goal of business coaching is to teach you how to fish, not to fish for you,” says David. Your coach gives you the knowledge and skills you need to solve problems on your own. ”

Myth o 6

“My accountant and my lawyer give me advice. Why should I pay someone else? “

Accountants and lawyers are valuable advisers. However, an experienced business coach looks at your business as a whole to determine the cause of the difficulties you face and to help you solve them. Your problems may be strategic or operational, or HR-related, so you probably need more expertise.

“A good business coach does not just offer advice,” concludes David. It provides you with a systematic method and tools to help you solve your fundamental problems with confidence. ”

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home inspection

What You Need to Know About Your Home Inspection

Before you buy a house it is important to conduct a full home inspection carried out by a qualified home inspector. You will think you have found the house you are looking for based on the information provided by the seller, the view of the house and its location. You may think you are paying a fair price for this piece of real estate. However, if the home inspection reveals a costly problem that will require a lot of work to fix, would you still feel the same about that house?

Almost every inspection of a house is carried out in the same way as a new house, reporting some problems that need fixing or suggestions to improve the property. That said, not everything that is reported in the inspection of a house is of great importance. Some things, such as for example a broken lock, can be arranged with a few dollars and without much effort.

Given that almost every inspection report on properties that have had an owner contains a problem, the contingency clause in most real estate purchase offers only allows the buyer to cancel the contract if there is a substantial or significant problem. Many new home buyers have issues in doing wind mitigation inspection , those can read this article

What constitutes a substantial or significant problem will vary depending on the property. Buyers and sellers should consider the cost of the repair in relation to the purchase price of the house. In many cases the following kinds of problems can be substantial or significant:

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  • Structural Elements of home If the roof needs repair, the foundations are defective or the structure is not good, then it will probably be a problem whose arrangement will be expensive. This can include water problems, such as water in the basement that accumulates when it rains.
  • Plumbing System : If there is a complicated problem with the plumbing system, it can be expensive and difficult to repair. However, if the problem is limited to a small area, such as a sink, then it will not be a problem of significance.
  • Electrical System : As in the case of plumbing, if there is a systemic problem in electricity, then it will be of significance. If, for example, the cabling system is not encrypted, then it will be a security problem that can be expensive to fix.
  • Heating and Oven System : a problem with the heating system or with the oven, it is also a safety issue that can be difficult to fix.
  • Asbestos : this is not a typical part of home inspection, but asbestos may be present in the home, so the potential buyer must hire an asbestos inspector to determine the presence of this substance. It can be dangerous to inhale asbestos as it can result in serious health problems such as mesothelioma. Its elimination can be expensive.

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  • Lead Paint : Lead paint, such as asbestos, is typically not part of a home inspection, but may be present in homes built before 1978. It is important that your home be tested for paint. lead and that all that exists is removed from the building, especially if they are going to live in it small children or pregnant women.

 Other issues such as problems with individual artifacts and cosmetics, such as stained mats or wallpaper of broken walls, are usually insignificant and do not cause rejection of an offer to purchase a real estate.

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 Before canceling a purchase offer due to a problem discovered during the inspection of a house, typically the potential buyer must share the inspection report with the seller to give him an opportunity to fix the problem or negotiate a solution with the buyer. Once the seller knows the problem, then he is usually obliged to disclose the problem to other potential buyers. Consequently, it is often in the best interests of the seller to cover the cost of repairs or negotiate with the buyer, instead of letting the buyer withdraw from the agreement to buy the house. If you still have issues doing DIY home inspection you can easily hire a professional company like for home inspection assistance. But before hiring any home inspector must read their reviews on their Google my business page or ask home people who did buy house before.

CRM Consulting

2017: 8 CRM trends

1. At the dawn of an era with fewer communication channels

It’s a fact, companies are still struggling to define a successful multi-channel strategy. Whenever they believe they are up-to-date, they need to create ten more channels to reach their customers on the most popular media. In 2017, companies will finally stop building their silo communication channels and begin to centralize the different biases they use to interact intelligently with their customers. In other words, this paves the way for a so-called “no channel” experience, where customers can switch from one to the other without a hitch, picking up exactly where they left them on the device, the last application, or the last medium they used.

CRM Consulting

2. Real-time flows become the main fuel of CRM systems

The static name, rank and serial number assigned to your customer have long been the foundation of any CRM system, hence the need to invest heavily in customer data storage solutions. However, now that devices, applications and even home appliances are generating data, real-time information flows are a great asset for companies to stand out from the competition. As a result, marketing, sales and service campaigns are increasingly relying on the exploitation of this data in order to respond instantly to customer needs.

3. Operational excellence and optimal customer service quality are no longer mutually exclusive

The rationalization of business and back-end operations is usually motivated by a desire to reduce the costs and complexity of the back end. Companies will be able to reveal these operational gains to the customer in order to provide an even better service, especially on digital channels in self-service. By designing their internal operations keeping in mind the specificities and constraints of the front-end, it becomes possible to streamline activities and digitize the experience by killing two birds with one stone.

4. The border between the human and the machine is definitely disturbed

This may seem surprising, but customers are becoming more comfortable with conversational customer service channels. The successes of Siri, Alexa (Amazon), Cortona or even Echo (Digital Assistants Artificial Intelligence) are all examples that show that they have no reluctance to converse with automatic channels with near-average qualities. human. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, customers who trade on a chatbot will not know if they interact with a robot or a human interlocutor. For companies, the important thing will be to develop a strategy adapted to their clientele and capable of integrating it into the entire range of services offered.

5. Adtech / martech convergence will finally bear fruit

For years, the specialists of martech and adtech have been claiming that their convergence is only a matter of months. However, the fact is that the technology has finally reached the level of maturity required for this to happen this year. The silos are slowly disappearing, so much so that the way a customer responds to an online advertisement will now influence the way marketing professionals approach him, and vice versa. Thus, the proprietary and third-party data will form a single data stream, which will significantly expand the customization options of the service offered to customers.

6. Preemptive services become the new answer service

All CRM solutions tout their ability to meet customer needs. This year, the notion of service will go much further by anticipating the needs of customers well before they express them. This evolution will allow companies to offer solutions to solve problems that customers are not even aware of meeting. Clearly, this service improvement will result in an increase in customer loyalty and value.

7. At least one ” when artificial intelligence loses the pedals ” incident will make headlines in the customer experience

Companies are striving to bring mountains of data back into their AI systems in hopes of gaining commercially exploitable results. However, many tend to forget to protect themselves by adopting rules tailored to their needs to ensure that their AI systems are aligned with the overall goals of the company. In customer applications, an AI system that loses its pedals can cause unsuspected damage. Who does not remember Tay, the clever robot created by Microsoft to publish tweets? A similar scenario can be expected if companies leapfrog the “AI service CRM” without having previously set rules worthy of the name.

8. Despite all these exciting developments, the problems of existing IT assets will persist

This may be a bold prediction, but it is one that can not be overlooked. Leaving aside the other seven projections of tomorrow’s CRM, there remains a major problem: existing systems. Since most companies can not afford to start from scratch, they will have to spend a lot of time on the issues of integrating and exploiting technologies such as robotics to bridge the gap between their current environment and the digital experiences they intend to propose.For more information please visit


Events Management Tips

what’s occasion control?

occasion control is the utility of challenge control to the creation and improvement of big scale activities including gala’s, meetings, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. It involves analyzing the logo, figuring out the audience, devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects earlier than simply launching the event.

Events Management TipsEvents Management Tips

The process of making plans and coordinating the event is commonly referred to as occasion making plans and which could include budgeting, scheduling, website choice, obtaining vital lets in, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for audio system or entertainers, arranging decor, event protection, catering, coordinating with 1/3 birthday celebration companies, and emergency plans.

advertising device

occasion control might be a tool for strategic marketing and verbal exchange, used by agencies of every size. organizations can benefit from promotional events as a way to talk with contemporary and capacity customers. as an instance, these advertising-focused activities can occur as press meetings, promotional occasions, or product launches.

event managers may additionally use conventional information media in order to goal their target audience, hoping to generate media coverage so that it will attain lots or thousands and thousands of humans. They can also invite their target audience to their occasions and reach them on the real occasion.


The event manager is the person that plans and executes the occasion, taking obligation for the creative, technical, and logistical elements. This includes average event design, brand building, marketing and communication approach, audio-visible production, script writing, logistics, budgeting, negotiation, and client provider,


software businesses offer event planners with software gear to handle many commonplace activities which includes delegate registration, lodge booking, tour booking, or allocation of exhibition floorspace.

A recent fashion in event generation is using cell apps for occasions. event mobile apps have a number uses. They may be used to hold highly static information such as the time table, speaker biographies, and standard FAQs. They can also inspire target market participation and engagement thru interactive gear such as live vote casting/polling, submitting inquiries to audio system all through Q&A, or building stay interactive “phrase clouds”. mobile occasion apps also can be utilized by occasion organisers as a way of conversation.


There are more and more universities which offer guides in occasion control, together with diplomas and graduate ranges. further to these educational courses, there are many associations and societies that provide guides on the diverse elements of the enterprise. examine includes organizational competencies, technical knowledge, public members of the family, advertising, advertising and marketing, catering, logistics, decor, glamor identification, human members of the family, look at of regulation and licenses, chance management, budgeting, and the examine of allied industries like television, other media, and numerous different regions.

plan an event

How to Plan an Event

You have booked the speaker, employed a hall, recruited a crew of volunteers and organized a advertising plan. If that wasn’t enough, you have to additionally make certain your event does now not fall foul of diverse prison issues. genuine occasion felony necessities vary from region to location and the policies that follow rely upon the sort of event. The listing below factors out the principal troubles you want to think about, but you must additionally take advice from the administrator of the enterprise(s) involved in your event. if you’re now not positive about any of these items you may discuss them along with your venue, as they need to have enjoy with them.

Planning an Event

Premises Licence

in case you are going to ask the general public to look a play, watch a movie, or concentrate to live or recorded song, or something comparable, you need to do so in premises that are successfully certified. The licence will decide exactly what activities are accredited and between what hours. do not anticipate you may have a concert run past 11pm with out checking the licence lets in it. If the premises don’t have the precise licence you can get what’s called a brief occasion word, that is successfully a short-time period licence. For greater data contact your local council.

plan an event
plan an event

Serving Alcohol

selling or imparting alcohol is likewise regulated through the premises license. no longer simplest do you want to have the suitable license association in region, you furthermore may want to make sure a person gift is a private Licence Holder. The consequences for breaking the policies around the deliver of alcohol can be very severe so take wonderful care on this location.

health & safety requirements

it’s important to apprehend who is answerable for fitness and protection subjects and to perform the suitable risk checks.

The venue will be liable for premises-associated health and protection, such as experience hazards from worn flooring, or emergency evacuation. but occasion organisers take obligation for event equipment, along with journey risks from electricity cables for speakers or different equipment brought into the venue.

you’ll need to perform threat checks and record them. reflect onconsideration on what kind of things would possibly move wrong and the viable results.

Public legal responsibility coverage

You want to have public legal responsibility insurance in place for your event. What takes place if an aged vacationer on your occasion slips within the automobile park and breaks their leg? Or if a piece of gadget falls on someone and injures them? this stuff do show up so you want to have the proper coverage in location. Liaise with your venue to see what’s included through their coverage, and what is not.

Noise tiers

commonly you will best have problems with volume in case your occasion capabilities a particularly loud band or will take vicinity overdue inside the night. a few premises are issue to noise abatement orders, that means they’re legally obliged to degree noise and keep it under a positive stage. other premises need to give due care and interest to their neighbours.

Disabled get right of entry to.

All more recent premises are required to offer complete get admission to and facilities for disabled human beings, however older premises are not. occasion organisers do no longer should make certain access for disabled humans, however it’s proper exercise to accomplish that anyplace possible. where it’s not viable the exposure have to factor this out.

food Hygiene

in case you are serving meals to the general public it desires to had been prepared and stored in accordance with food hygiene guidelines. a person with a food hygiene certificates have to take duty for coping with the catering.Premises which are regularly used for meals coaching are inspected by the neighborhood council sometimes.


in case you are planning a first-rate occasion and do count on to have enough car parking space it is wise to speak to the Police about what other preparations might be feasible. in case you want to preserve kerbsides clean on sure roads you may rent visitors cones from the Police for this motive.