Recipes for Healthy Lunch with lots at Mumbai Square

Many people can use a little more variation at lunch. Of course, there is little wrong with a simple portion of bread – but if you eat it every day, your diet will remain a little one-sided. Variety makes it much easier to get all the nutrients you need. But is not it a lot of hassle to arrange another healthy lunch every time? Fortunately, that is a huge success! With our practical tips we show you how to easily prepare a healthy lunch with lots of vegetables. Mumbai Square is a best Indian Restaurant in Whitechappel London, which offers a lot for Asian people, especially for India.

More vegetable food

Why would you choose to eat vegetables in the afternoon? You do that already at your dinner? That is true – but many people do not come up with the recommended 250 grams per day. And that while some experts even recommend eating at least 400 grams per day!

Vegetable not only supplies vitamins and minerals, but also phytonutrients. We do not yet know exactly how they can improve your health, but they do not mind that. Healthy lunch therefore preferably contains a large portion of vegetables, to boost your total for the day.

Healthy lunch with vegetables

But what can you think about? Fortunately, lunching with vegetables offers more options than a leaf of lettuce on bread. The following options are ideal for a simple and healthy lunch.

1. Healthy lunch salad

Salads are a perfect way to get a healthy amount of healthy nutrients. You can stuff them full of vegetables and also add proteins, carbohydrates and fats to taste. Moreover, you never have to eat the same salad twice, because there is plenty to vary.

Do not you feel like cooking a whole lunch salad for work every morning? Another advantage is that you can easily prepare a large quantity in one go. Prepare five portions on Sunday; put them in the refrigerator, and viola. You only have to add the dressing later.

No inspiration yet? In this article we discuss the best way to prepare a nutritious meal salad, including five delicious recipes. And here you will find five more protein-rich salads to get started.

2. Vegetable omelets

A vegetable omelet is for many people something that you only eat as leftovers. However, it is also the ideal option for a healthy lunch! You can put a lot of vegetables in it, it delivers a good portion of protein, and there is again plenty to vary.

You can, of course, go for the basics: fry a few eggs with some vegetables and fry firm omelets. But why not make it more interesting? For example, add some extra proteins, in the form of cheese, chicken or salmon. Or use seasonings such as herbs, olives, sundried tomatoes … that you’re hungry for!

If you want to add extra carbohydrates, you can for example make a solid frittata with potatoes. Or eat the vegetable omelet on a hearty slice of whole meal bread. Again, you can prepare a few portions in advance to have lunch for the rest of the week.