Tiny Metal TEST The Worthy Successor of Advance Wars

Tiny Metal TEST: The Worthy Successor of Advance Wars?

Started in 1988 with the aptly named Famicom Wars , the Nintendo Wars strategy series remains largely unknown to Western players. It will be necessary to wait for the release of Advance Wars on the Game Boy of the same name so that the non-Japanese can discover the horror of the war in version SD and colored. And if the game we are going to talk about today cannot be part of this big family, it is inspired by it largely without ever blushing. Also if you wanna play bad piggies or bad racing games online, then you may visit these two websites BadIceCreamOnline & BadPiggiesOnline as well to play them online and free in 2018. Both games unblocked 2018 versions.

Tiny Metal TEST The Worthy Successor of Advance Wars

It will indeed be 10 years that the last part of one of the least known sagas of the Japanese manufacturer will have emerged on the first DS of the name, leaving a certain emptiness in the heart of strategists allergic to the sight of blood. This is how Tiny Metal tries to fill this gap as much as to surf on the incredible call of air offered to the independent game thanks to the success of the Switch.

The small problem is that the game of Area 35 will have much talked about it before its release, and not necessarily for the right reasons: developed to finance another game yet passed by Kickstarter , Tiny Metalwould have benefited from funds raised for the latter, a treasure that expatriate developer Tariq Lacy did not hesitate to describe as “scam”, as reported by Kotaku website . Difficult to apply its strategy correctly when the opponent hears you so arrive, but it is the challenge that was thus launched this STR choupinou, gone the flower with the gun.

A Full Metal Jacket

Tiny Metal puts us in the boots of Nathan Gries, a wily orphan warlord but still inexperienced in combat. Placed at the head of a unit of the army of Artemisia, the young leader will face the enemy troops of Zipang, a thinly veiled reference to the Japanese archipelago renamed “Cipango” by Marco Polo, who had already been able to be quoted earlier in the year with the very JA panese Nioh . What a pity, however, that the introduction of the game drowns the player under sacred pavement to present his decor: after a cutscene that allows you to row from its first seconds and you can not immediately zap (well heavy to force, believe me), we would have preferred to see the scenario flourish a little more digestible,

Inspired by the Nintendo Wars series as we announced in the introduction, Tiny Metal is logically enough in the form of a turn-by-turn strategy game in which it is appropriate to move his troops on a map chopped checkered proposing just about everything that is done in this area. Thus the different classes move with more or less grace: the rocket launchers are effective against armored vehicles but move only very slowly where Motorized Pathfinders swallow distances and easily decimate the troops on foot. Add to all this some flying devils like the helicopter or the reconnaissance plane, and you hold a varied cocktail, all in all nice, but far from the madness of the big battle nights. Now If you want to download this PC Game or such PC Games, then you need to visit fully PC games to download it. FullyPCGamess is all about PC games free download full version for Windows 8 of all the games Audience in all over the entire world. Visit us to download free full version of all such games.